Can I Afford a… Lamborghini?

Can I Afford a… Lamborghini?

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Early 80s CountachI’m not a gearhead by any stretch so car shows aren’t really one of my areas of expertise but I am sure of one thing — there is absolutely nothing impressive about a Mustang, Camaro, or Corvette manufactured within the past 50 years. Nothing.

What you have there is, well, it’s kinda like the sports car of the mulleted and moustached, sleeveless shirt wearing, tattoo’d arm trailer park crowd.

I know people will disagree with me and I can respect that but you can’t deny that the typical Camaro driver looks like they could have been featured on the “People of Walmart” website.

And Corvette drivers? Well, you can spot them a mile away…

That’s a fact.

Old FerrariSo this past weekend, Duncan and I went to a car show — a real car show, for a change — where Fords and Chevy’s were turned away.

Just five different brands were allowed — Ferrari, Lamborghini, Masserati, Alfa Romeo, and there was one of those new Fiat Abarth models there too…

It was free admission (like all of the car shows we happen upon) but this crowd was…different.

I won’t say classy. I won’t say wealthy either.

Ferrari enthusiasts are their own kind of weird. Seriously.

But I will say that I felt a certain commonality to the crowd — none at all impressed by flame paint jobs, blowers jutting through the hood, or insane stereo systems.

Ferrari TestarossaThese were just beautiful cars, as-is.

And there didn’t seem to be any outward one-upmanship amongst the owners like you see at the “regular” car shows. These guys (and gals) were all openly content with the knowledge that they had amazing cars — silly customizations not required.

Duncan voicing his opinion...One guy, upon overhearing Duncan’s high pitched voice exclaim that our Atlantic Blue BMW Z3 was “better” than his Tahiti Blue Lamborghini Countach offered to give him a “ride”.

Duncan was a little take aback by how the scissor doors opened but still climbed into the car before kinda freaking out a bit before the guy even had a chance to get in the driver seat so the ride never really did happen, but I still thought it was really cool (and modest) how the guy offered to drive him down the street.

His objective (based on his cheerful demeanor) was clearly not to prove to a three year old that a Countach was truly better than a Z3 but moreso to give me a story to tell (and a crappy cell phone picture to show) him when he’s older.

Scissor Door SkepticismWhile I was clearly uneasy watching Duncan navigate his way out of the deep passenger seat, praying that the owner didn’t notice how sticky his hands were, the guy asked what kind of car Duncan was talking about.

I told him it was just a Z3 and the guy got down to Duncan’s level to let him know that he was right, “Definitely right — my blue car only has these tiny windows,” as he shut the scissor door to show him.

“Your car is a convertible!”

So after walking by a few more Ferrarris and seeing a bunch more driving around — either just arriving or changing their spot — we headed home and my mind started drifting…

Am I rich enough to have one of those?

Countach driving byI mean, I’ve always kinda wanted a DeLorean (a guy up the street from me had one when I was growing up) but I wouldn’t mind a Countach or Testarossa either…

A little online research proved that Italian super cars hold their value about as well as a Land Rover does… (they don’t)

Yes. I could afford one.

In fact, my hockey jersey collection alone is worth a really, really, really nice one.

It’s not so much about wealth, it’s more what you choose to spend your disposable income on…

It gives me a little more to chew on, you know, when I next decide to purchase a dirty piece of polyester…