Spending Report for August 2012

Spending Report for August 2012

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Spending RobotWell, this explains why I have no money…

$902.20 : Day Care
$705.85 : Business Expenses
$611.33 : Mortgage
$600.00 : Vacation/Hotel
$570.00 : Hockey Jersey
$440.81 : Auto Repairs
$371.60 : Gasoline
$340.00 : Cash
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$232.76 : Family/House Stuff
$165.73 : IKEA
$162.44 : Electricity
$146.18 : Cable/Internet
$116.40 : Water/Sewer
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$29.86 : Natural Gas
$20.00 : Auto Emissions Test

The total spent this month was $5683.51.

August was one of those transient months that seemed to go on forever for me this year…and cost me a ton too, apparently.

When it started, which feels like forever ago, we were in the middle of a vacation so those expenses creeped in.

Once home, I upgraded some of my equipment for my home business. Again, that seems like it was a long time ago but apparently all this expensive stuff is only a few weeks old.

Then we decided to finally, finally, finally, start putting some stuff up on the walls (it’s been nearly two years of barren walls) resulting in an IKEA trip.

It’s weird, it feels like the shelves have been up forever already but, again, it’s just been a few weeks.

And then, just a few days ago, we had some repairs done to the Scion xA that we’d put off earlier in the year.

Put it all together and, ouch. Not a good month.

And I’m sure you noticed the hockey jersey expenditure up there too. Well, good news there. I know I’ve said it before and that I’m not trustworthy when it comes to this but I’ve got a new target in sight, a new thing to save up for, a new goal really.

The hockey jersey thing is a result of, well, “available” money on hand. That’s how hobbies should be — if you can afford it, go for it. If not, find a new hobby.

I’m ceratinly not about to find a new hobby but I will be taking a hiatus of sorts to focus my “available” money elsewhere.

Okay, how about a $100 per month cap?



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