Networth Update: January 2013 (+$2024)

Networth Update: January 2013 (+$2024)

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January 2013 Net WorthFirst off, Happy New Year!

I’m starting 2013 in a pretty cushy position.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but when looking back at the archives, I’m in a better spot now, financially, than I was in January of 2012, and an even better spot than I was in January 2011. Things are on the right track, it seems.

So here goes…

I’m actually surprised this is where it is considering all of the Christmas related bills I paid over the past week or so.

Struggling here a bit but still on track. I had to “borrow” around $1000 to cover Christmas but never had to dip into my emergency fund or my “property tax” savings.

I pay my homeowners insurance and property tax directly so as to keep my mortgage payment low (and stable). There is no escrow account. I’m only able to do that, though, if I budget correctly so that when those bills come due, I have the funds available.

As such, I never stopped my weekly contributions which total $316 per week. Yeah, per week. At least half of which are slated to go towards taxes.

Well, well… This is a new category for me. Last month, I decided to sell off all of my I-Bonds (earning $2 per month) and, instead, buy stock on the thought that I could do better than two bucks a month.

I invested $750 on December 11th, paid $28 in commission, and earned a $50 bonus just for opening an account with Sharebuilder.

Omitting the bonus from the calculation, my $722 investment ($750 minus the $28 commission) is currently worth $740.05. Yeah, it’s official, I can do better than $2 per month.

I also have a better grasp on how it all works now too so I won’t be paying such a high commission again — thankfully the “bonus” more than covered my initial investment fee.

Gov’t Bonds:
So long… It only took me a year’s worth of dragging my feet but I finally sold all of them.

Just adding more fuel to the fire that it takes money to make money. With a fiscal cliff looming and zero contributions, somehow I find myself adding another $2k to my pile.

Can you imagine what this will look like when (I mean, if) I build a new garage in 2013?

Auto 1, Auto 2, and Auto 3:
For once, these values pretty much make sense. Their values *should* be dropping.

Credit Card:
Who rang up a couple thousand on plastic this Christmas season and still managed to pay it all off before the New Year? Yeah, this guy.

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Just another minimum payment.


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