Net Worth Update: April 2013 (+2987)

Net Worth Update: April 2013 (+2987)

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So, while the bottom line isn’t all that great, I’m pretty happy to report that the assets that I have active control of are all going up.

Sure, the uptick in my checking account is mostly due to a favorable tax return but I’m gonna keep telling myself that it’s *all* due healthy financial habits.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell myself.

The not so great indicator here is that I’ve been using my credit card pretty much like I always have but at the end of the month, just before I put these reports together, I haven’t been paying the balances down to zero.

See, this site holds me accountable and I will freely admit to making HUGE credit card payments on the last business day of the month just to make these reports look their best.

I haven’t been doing that.

Mostly because I haven’t been doing these reports as diligently as I used to but, well, I’ve gotta start getting back in the habit.

A $1600 balance is nothing to sneeze at…



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