Back on July 23, 2013, I mentioned Bitcoin on this site for the first time.

Shame I didn’t buy any of it — it was around $107 back then.

So, fast-forward 8+ years and I’ve finally added crypto to my finances. My timing could not have been worse — I started in November of 2021 (at it’s peak, roughly $60k per Bitcoin, to date) and then promptly lost nearly 50% of the value by mid-January 2022.

Serves me right.

Even still, I’m staying the course — purchasing $250 of Bitcoin each month and two $100 bi-monthly purchases of Ethereum.

It’s enough to build up a decent sum over the course of year…but small enough that I’m not anxious when it looses 20% of it’s value on any given day.

Okay, fine. Just a little anxious considering I’m *still* carrying some pretty significant credit card debt.

That said, I’m confident in admitting that I missed the boat with crypto. I didn’t understand it a decade ago and, frankly, I still don’t fully understand the attraction.

I can almost guarantee that, in ten years time, I’ll say the same thing about NFTs.

Yeah, I’m not touching those. I just don’t understand them.

I’ll regret it, I’m sure.