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ING LionWith my credit card balances wiped out, it’s time to start putting some of the newly available money towards savings.

My finances aren’t totally in order yet and it will still probably take another two paychecks before the shock of zero credit card debt sinks in.

By then, things should be settled and back into a nice easy to manage pattern where one paycheck pays all of the bills and the other paycheck goes towards debt repayment (or now, savings).

I’m not there yet, but to get the ball rolling right off the bat, I’ve set up an auto-savings plan with ING to transer $75 into savings each Tuesday (starting April 1) from my checking account.

Weekly payments served me well while paying down debt, so I’m going to use the same track when it comes to savings.

It’s not much, to start, and well short of my previously mentioned “In the Black” plan, but considering I had as little as $101.75 in savings earlier this week, it’s definitely a much needed improvement.

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ING LionDrat.

So I logged into my ING Direct account this morning to see how things are progressing…

C’mon… Big money! Big money!

$2.49 earned this month. Woo-hoo!

Okay, yeah, that’s not so great, but what I also noticed is that there was *another* interest rate change yesterday. It went from 4.121% down to 4.025%.

Not really a shock considering the fed’s move on Tuesday.

You know what that means for my personal finances?

Yep, I’ll be pulling all but $1000 out today to throw towards debt (and Christmas.)

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