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Here’s February’s report…

$902.20 : Daycare
$741.00 : Dentist
$498.72 : Mortgage
$405.00 : Hockey Jersey
$320.00 : Family
$314.63 : Gasoline
$298.95 : Business Expenses
$273.41 : Natural Gas
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$159.22 : Electric
$120.44 : Water/Sewer
$90.66 : Clothing
$77.94 : Cable/Internet
$60.00 : Cash
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$40.00 : Toddler Computer Class
$26.53 : Auto Repair
$20.98 : Punch-Out!! Repair
$7.42 : Burger King

Summed up, that’s $4625.45.

All of these clothing expenitures over the past few months might have you thinking that I have a pretty killer (and continually updated) wardrobe but the fact is, most of these expenses are for the kids.

I’m still a t-shirt and jeans type of guy… 364+ days per year.

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Traditionally, January has been a very thrifty month for me. I’m not sure what it is — perhaps a Christmas spending hangover of sorts but I’m not complaining. Any month where I routinely spend less is a good thing…

$902.20 : Daycare
$525.31 : Family Photo Framing
$498.72 : Mortgage
$400.00 : Family
$285.05 : Gasoline
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$213.97 : Natural Gas
$179.02 : Electric
$150.13 : Business Expenses
$137.41 : Clothing
$90.00 : Auto Registration
$75.00 : Dentist
$72.77 : Cable/Internet
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$40.00 : Cash
$40.00 : Toddler Computer Class
$17.16 : e-Book (Journeyman by Sean Pronger)
$13.81 : Auto Repair
$11.55 : McDonald’s
$4.00 : Stock Trade

All together, that’s $3924.45.

Not as great as last January but a lot better than last month!

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In the past I’ve said that this blog keeps me accountable. When I stick at it, anyway…

And for the past three or four months, well, I haven’t been sticking at it *or* holding myself accountable and, as a result, I’ve been financially treading water and probably, unknowingly, sinking too…

So here’s my *very* late spending report for December…

$1064.95 : Family Photo
$918.96 : Christmas Presents
$902.20 : Daycare
$700.00 : Charity
$498.72 : Mortgage
$446.05 : Gasoline
$408.00 : Cash
$320.00 : Family
$302.99 : Business Expenses
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$193.32 : Christmas Decorations
$168.84 : Electric
$166.97 : Natural Gas
$136.49 : Hockey Jersey
$100.00 : Hockey Registration
$73.61 : Clothing
$72.77 : Cable/Internet
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$40.00 : Toddler Computer Class
$37.23 : Photos with Santa
$21.27 : Cell Phone

All together, that’s $6840.72.

Not too bad when you consider that almost $3k of it is a seasonal or an unusual expense…

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LED Light BulbWow… You know, sometimes I just get on a roll and, well, spend freely. Just to get it out of my system, if that makes sense?

$2320.00 : Family
$2314.38 : Property Tax
$902.20 : Daycare
$749.84 : Homeowners Insurance
$497.72 : Mortgage
$337.40 : Clothing
$304.56 : Gasoline
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$154.50 : Hockey Jersey
$131.43 : Electric
$116.63 : Water/Sewer
$107.58 : Natural Gas
$100.85 : Light Bulbs
$72.77 : Cable/Internet
$66.57 : Business Expenses
$60.00 : Cash
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$31.68 : Christmas Movies
$25.90 : Charity
$13.14 : Fast Food

All summed up, that’s $8575.50 out the door.

While it is the highest total this year, it just barely beat out July. Oh, the insanity.

Taxes and insurance were the killers this month totalling $3332.57 all by themselves but you can’t really skirt that type of thing.

Spending a hundred bucks on lightbulbs, well, that’s a different story…

See, we have recessed lighting in most of the rooms downstairs and each room has four cans. One bulb blew out and I couldn’t for the life of me find an exact bulb replacement anywhere.

Trust me, if one bulb is different, it looks horrible so I decided to try out some of those new LED bulbs that are supposed to draw like zero electricity and last forever. Problem is, they’re expensive. And I need four.

Being a photographer, I have a slightly better understanding of light than your average lightbulb shopper, so I knew what I wanted. Bright white, not orange but white, with a very wide spill. I wanted flood lights not spot lights. And white. Bright white.

So I found what I wanted, ordered four of them, screwed ’em all in and…HATED IT!

Yeah, so, while I’ll still never be a fan of the orange glow that incandescent bulbs give off or the fake orange glow (that looks white but isn’t really) that CFLs give off, I went way too far with these LEDs. They’re so white it makes the room feel blue.

Sadly, they’ll probably last a decade.

Thankfully it was only $100.

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New ShoesWhat an unusual spending month October turned out to be…

$810.00 : Family
$700.00 : Daycare
$498.72 : Mortgage
$350.07 : Business Expenses
$326.80 : Gasoline
$322.22 : Auto Repair
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$129.54 : Electric
$112.00 : Hockey Jersey
$100.00 : Cash
$90.00 : Auto Registration
$85.00 : Toddler Computer Class
$68.16 : Homeowners Insurance
$67.30 : Cable/Internet
$48.47 : Natural Gas
$47.00 : Clothing
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$27.00 : Fast Food
$22.18 : Rakes and Mouse Traps
$20.20 : Toddler Hockey Stick

Grand total comes to $4093.01 which is actually a lot lower than I’d expected considering all of the “extra” expenses that came up.

The family expenses were sky high this past month because the balance of a credit card that isn’t reported on here got a bit larger than I was comfortable with.

FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT — I only report *my* assets, liabilities, and expenses on this site. My wife has her own income, her own retirement accounts, her own car, and her own month-to-month and daily expenses.

If you’ve ever wondered why I never seem to list groceries on my expense reports, well, that’s cause she buys them. Along with diapers, half of daycare, and countless other things that I kinda like not ever really having to worry about.

So, anyway, one of her credit cards needed an additional payment.

The daycare bill went down this month. No, not because the rate went down but because we’d been overbilled for every other month this year. Hooray for us — for this month, anyway…

Business expenses were high again. Ugh. This time I could blame Hurricane Sandy (and probably file an insurance claim) but that’d just be a weak excuse and, frankly, crooked too.

Anyway, while restarting my servers (after shutting them down for the expected power outages during the hurricane), the sync scan reported that one of the drives in my RAID array was failing… and then, yep, it failed.

End result, I purchased two larger replacement drives that’ll cure the problem, restore redundancy, and expand my storage space.

The car repairs were for the Land Rover…again. One morning I went out to start the car and the engine wouldn’t turn. No biggie, I’ve got four cars, so I jumped in another one and it was dead too.


Yeah, it was a great morning.

The Rover just needed a new battery and it’s back up and running just fine now. The other dead car probably just needs a new battery too but we’re going to get rid of the car soon anyway so, for now, if we need it, we’ll jump it.

Yeah, yeah… I bought a hockey jersey. Whatever. At least it was cheap.

Auto Registration comes up every now and then.

Toddler computer class is brand new. Yep, they’re putting three year olds on computers these days. It’s insane, Duncan’s command of the mouse blows my mind. I’m not sure I’d even figured out how to turn on a television when I was three. On that note, Duncan has mastered the television remote as well.

The cost was so high because it was the first month — it’s just a $40 expenditure per month from here on out. I think it’s worth it. The jump start he’s getting by taking part in something like this is priceless.

Ahhhh…homeowners insurance. I’ve never once not paid for the entire year on this but the money just wasn’t there when it needed to be so I made a partial payment. Not sure if I’ll pay the rest of the balance in the coming week or just continue on this monthly payment plan.

In the end, I’m still thankful that I have conventional homeowners insurance.

Remeber that internet/cable company rant I mentioned in last month’s spending report? You know, the one you probably haven’t read yet because I just posted it a few minutes ago? Well, in the end, we’re saving some coin now. Sure, we only have like 20 channels but we still get the ones we want and they’re still in HD. Even better, we’ve rid ourselves of the clunky cable box and it’s terrible remote! Woo-hoo!

More clothing expenses. This time it was for a pair of shoes for me. They’re pictured up above.

My wife has been doing it for years and I’m finally following suit — using a card at a fast food restaurant. In the past, I’ve always used cash but I’m catching up with the times. Slowly.

And since the weather is getting colder (the mice are moving indoors) and the leaves are coming down, I had to pick up a few mousetraps and a toddler sized rake. So far I haven’t caught a single mouse (though I’m aware of their existence) but the lawn is mostly raked!

And Henrik now has the motor skills to play hockey with me and Duncan so I went out and bought him a real stick. I bought him a righty since he seemed to favor that side with the plastic stick but as luck would have it, he’s holding the new one like he’s gonna shoot lefty. D’oh!

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Motorola SurfboardI know it’s November and I know I only made one post in all of October but here’s my spenging report for…September. Sigh…

$902.20 : Daycare
$498.72 : Mortgage
$459.53 : Business Expenses
$360.00 : Family
$277.90 : Gasoline
$240.00 : Cash
$228.25 : Auto Insurance
$219.41 : Clothing
$193.45 : Electric
$115.43 : Cable/Internet
$95.00 : Hockey Registration
$44.97 : Gifts

$40.08 : Life Insurance
$35.77 : Natural Gas
$21.27 : Cell Phone
$14.00 : BoA Maintenance Fee

That adds up to $3745.98 and I’m okay with that.

Most of it is what it is but categories that stand out to me as different-from-the-norm are the clothing, the hockey registration, the gifts, the cell phone, and the maintenance fee.

Business expenses were a bit high too mostly due to the fact that my internet provider suddenly decided to stop talking to my perfectly functional cable modem.

Their solution was for me to “buy a new one” which I reluctantly did. That’s it in the picture.

Sure it “fixed” the problem that was 100% on their end. Then they started to charge me as if I were renting it, then they screwed up my bill some more when crediting me, then they spelled my name wrong so they couldn’t access my account, and the hole got deeper and deeper…

Whatever — I’d gotten over it until writing these last few paragraphs.

Moving on…

The clothing was mostly for the kids — they’re both at an in-between size right now and hand-me-downs for the younger one aren’t lining up with the season just right.

The hockey registration is the fee I need to pay to play. I should probably just retire but it’s pretty much the only real exercise I get and for that reason, it’s worth it.

The gifts were birthday presents that arrived too late so I’ll categorize them as super early Christmas expenditures.

The cell phone bill only comes along four times a year. How much are you paying for cell service? I pay $85.08…PER YEAR.

And the banking maintenance fee really makes me angry. In short, I went 14 cents under the $1500 minimum required (for less than 12 hours) in whatever variation of checking account I’ve been rolled into by Bank of America. Jerks.

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Spending RobotWell, this explains why I have no money…

$902.20 : Day Care
$705.85 : Business Expenses
$611.33 : Mortgage
$600.00 : Vacation/Hotel
$570.00 : Hockey Jersey
$440.81 : Auto Repairs
$371.60 : Gasoline
$340.00 : Cash
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$232.76 : Family/House Stuff
$165.73 : IKEA
$162.44 : Electricity
$146.18 : Cable/Internet
$116.40 : Water/Sewer
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$29.86 : Natural Gas
$20.00 : Auto Emissions Test

The total spent this month was $5683.51.

August was one of those transient months that seemed to go on forever for me this year…and cost me a ton too, apparently.

When it started, which feels like forever ago, we were in the middle of a vacation so those expenses creeped in.

Once home, I upgraded some of my equipment for my home business. Again, that seems like it was a long time ago but apparently all this expensive stuff is only a few weeks old.

Then we decided to finally, finally, finally, start putting some stuff up on the walls (it’s been nearly two years of barren walls) resulting in an IKEA trip.

It’s weird, it feels like the shelves have been up forever already but, again, it’s just been a few weeks.

And then, just a few days ago, we had some repairs done to the Scion xA that we’d put off earlier in the year.

Put it all together and, ouch. Not a good month.

And I’m sure you noticed the hockey jersey expenditure up there too. Well, good news there. I know I’ve said it before and that I’m not trustworthy when it comes to this but I’ve got a new target in sight, a new thing to save up for, a new goal really.

The hockey jersey thing is a result of, well, “available” money on hand. That’s how hobbies should be — if you can afford it, go for it. If not, find a new hobby.

I’m ceratinly not about to find a new hobby but I will be taking a hiatus of sorts to focus my “available” money elsewhere.

Okay, how about a $100 per month cap?


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Sesame Place$3016.75 : Property Tax
$1320.00 : Cash
$1000.00 : Day Care
$615.31 : Mortgage
$483.08 : Gasoline
$228.27 : Auto Insurance
$188.49 : Auto Repairs
$186.43 : Clothing
$186.06 : Sesame Place
$176.31 : Electricity
$160.00 : Family/House Stuff
$150.00 : Dentist
$146.18 : Cable/Internet
$113.72 : Hockey Jersey
$93.98 : Business Expenses
$40.08 : Life Insurance
$37.09 : Natural Gas
$29.67 : Lego Set
$21.24: Ratchet Set
$3.00 : Coca-Cola

All told, I spent $8195.66 in July.

Yeah, eight grand. No big deal.

Seriously, though, like I said in my last post, Taxes and Vacation (the cash, the gas, the repairs, and Sesame Place) define this month (and the current month too, unfortunately) as outside of those two annual “events”, most of my spending was, well, pretty much normal.

Did you know it costs $59 to get a toddler into Sesame Place? I mean, seriously?

Further, did you know that having a AAA membership will save you $3 on admission?

Yeah, that membership is totally paying for itself this year… Ugh.

That said, as something to do in between countless hours in the car, Sesame Place, while expensive, was a great side trip. We all had a lot of fun.

And I should do a whole post about the ratchet set — it’d be a long winded rant about incompetent design — but it’s tough to find the time to rant about such unimportant things these days…

Even so, making a long rant super short (I can’t help myself), one of the front wheels on my lawnmower is wonked out so that it’s not really perpendicular to the ground anymore.

The only way to access the nut holding the cheap plastic wheel on was with a long socket rachet thingie (I’m not a tool fanatic, so I don’t know what it’s really called), which I obviously had to buy.

So, after purchasing it and taking the contraption apart, I realized that the front wheels of my lawnmover aren’t even on an axle.

It’s almost like it was designed to function like the latest Batmobile or something so… basically, my problem isn’t even fixable without a lot of metal work (and more money) on my part.

Metal work that I most certiainly won’t be doing on an old push lawn mower. Seriously, though, why isn’t it just an axle with two wheels attached?

Cheaper to manufacture, less likely to fail, and far easier to repair…

I don’t get it…

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