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Travis the Chimp and his victim, Charla NashIt’s the big news story here in Connecticut now that the “Travis the Chimp” hoopla has finally subsided.

It always exciting when your own neck of the woods makes the national news but, of late, most of the news recently has been rather embarrassing for Connecticut.

(Before the chimp attack, it was this hit-and-run.)

For the record, no, I do not personally know anyone that has a pet chimpanzee. That’s even weird for Connecticut.

But now the focus is on Jerry Springer.

See, our governor Jodi Rell, who has always had through-the-roof approval numbers (easy when your predecessor went directly to jail) but is actually a horrible governor, comes up with terrible ideas on an almost weekly basis.

And usually a week too late.

For instance, it’s damn near impossible to have a Chimpanzee as a pet in Connecticut now. Last month, though, sure, if you wanted one, you could get one if you knew the right people.

Basically, she’s a reactionary Governor with little foresight.

If there’s a big car accident, she’ll propose widening the road. Cost is no issue. Doesn’t matter that the driver was drunk — if the road had been wider, it would have saved lives. Yeah, okay…

Really, that could be her legacy… She made the roads wider to accommodate drunk drivers.

Oh, and she added runaway truck ramps because of the mountainous terrain here in Connecticut. (For the record, we have rolling hills, NOT mountains — but we have runaway trunk ramps just like Colorado does… Thanks Jodi! Those were well-spent taxpayer dollars!)

Anyway, under her rule, the State of Connecticut has offered HUGE tax incentives in an attempt to turn Connecticut into the Hollywood East. I’m not making this stuff up…

Seriously, “Hollywood East”. Yeah…

You’re laughing, right?

Anyway, the first big catch is the Jerry Springer show. Now, I’m no Hollywood expert but I do know that Jerry Springer is filmed in Chicago.

So we undercut Hollywood Mid-West?

And all we got was Jerry Springer?

Seems Connecticut was aiming a little low…

Oprah? Hello?

Anyway, right now, this “acquisition”, if you could call it that, has everyone all excited about the additional tax revenue that will be coming to our state.

I think they’re wearing rose-coloured glasses.

First off, the tax incentives offered — and their willingness to pick up and move to Connecticut even though Jerry is fighting it — probably means that they won’t be paying ANY taxes.

That, and on a personal note, I’d much prefer it if the scheduled guests weren’t staying in hotels in my backyard.


Based on what I’ve seen on the Jerry Springer Show, many of them are more frightening than a rampaging chimp.

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Warren Buffett enjoying a sundae at Dairy Queen.Amid all of the sensationalism in the media (mostly NBC) over what Warren Buffett said this morning, the one line that they should be using to calm the masses is the one I haven’t heard a snippet of yet:

“I would never have a feeling that the Dow is going to go to 2,000 or 12,000 or 4,300 or 20,200. I don’t – I know over time it will go higher but if you buy a cross section of good equities, generally well capitalized companies, you’ll make money over 10 or 20 years. I haven’t the faintest idea where you’ll be in 10 months, but it really doesn’t make any difference.”

The media makes it seem as if everyone is a day trader dealing with individual stocks…

Warren comes in and essentially asks people to wait a decade and then get back to him on how much money they think that they ‘lost’.

Seriously, unless you’re in retirement or darn close to it, what’s going on right now doesn’t mean a thing. Peaks and valleys. Peaks and valleys.

Just chill, baby…

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Kash MoneyHave you seen the latest Geico commericals? You know, the ones with that stack of cash with eyes “watching” people?

They’ve been running pretty heavily for a few weeks now… maybe even a month.

Now, as much as I like to hear a Rockwell re-mix, I just don’t get these commercials.

Plain and simple… they suck!

Kinda like Rockwell did.

Really, if you’re old enough to remember the original song, you’ll also remember that the only reason it hit the charts was because of MJ‘s back-up vocal…

Now, Geico’s message has been the same for years. You can save money by switching to them. Their advertising campaigns for the past 5 years or so have been brilliant!

I mean, who would have thought that an auto insurance company could be so successful with a bunch of goofy commercials featuring digitally animated lizards and a trio of cavemen hocking their product/service?

It makes no sense, but even 5-year-olds know that “a 15 minute call could save you 15% or more on your car insurance” and that “it’s so easy, a caveman could do it”.

These commercials actually feature, well, “the money” you could be saving — they’re cutting right to the chase (for once) — but it just doesn’t work.


Anyway, the whole ad campaign is worse than Microsoft’s Jerry Seinfeld spot

What do you think?

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    Yummy Yellow Snow!

    Starting to sense a theme this week?

    After reading yesterday’s post, my wife couldn’t help but point out one of my Christmas gifts from her mother.

    So, as I crunch away while watching the season premiere of the Biggest Loser (a guilty pleasure), it’s become apparent that sometimes happiness can actually come from eating yellow snow.

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    Brittany from The Biggest LoserI admit it. I watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights. All two hours of it. Every week.

    I remember when the show first started a few years ago. I didn’t watch it back then.

    I often wondered, who would want to watch a bunch of shirtless people go to Fat Camp? I mean, if Richard Simmons isn’t involved, what’s the draw?

    Am I right?

    But last season, for reasons unknown, my wife and I watched the first episode. I was hooked. Even had a television celebrity crush on Brittany — that’s her pictured. She was one smokin’ fat chick.

    Anyway, we watched it religiously through the entire season. It blew my mind to see these huge people morph into, well, people you wouldn’t even consider overweight (though in most cases, they were still a little heavy.)

    Then, as with most weekly elimination reality shows, the wrong person won. That left a sour taste in my mouth — the show is stupid.

    But this past Tuesday, my wife and I watched the season opener and guess what? I’m hooked again. No television crush this time, I just like the show.

    I hate Jillian — not a fan of screamers. I realize some people need that type of treatment to get off their, um, fat asses but I find that I’m more motivated by someone with Bob‘s approach.

    The whole thing kinda reminds me of running track in high school. We distance runners would all go up to the weight room and try to hold our own among the fat guys who threw heavy things (shot put and discus). They spent a lot of time in there. We, being walking stick men, obviously did not.

    The top priority while in there pumping iron was to not embarrass yourself. That was it. More important than building up some muscle — just don’t embarrass yourself.

    They, the chuckers and hurlers, had their own coach who was, well, a yeller. You know, screaming at them and calling them degrading things in an effort to get them to do more. I’d say he got mixed results.

    Our coach, Kurt Fioretti, infrequently even came into the weight room, but his approach was a lot more like Bob’s. Always encouraging. He made us think we could do anything — and often times it was successful.

    I’ll never forget at an elite invitational meet where I didn’t really belong, way outclassed, and he handed me my race number — you know, the stickers you see some runners stick to their bare legs whenever track & field is on television.

    Distance RunnerWell, those numbers are seed numbers. If you’re expected to finish first, you get the number one. Second, you get number two, and so on…

    He handed me number 3.

    “Number 3?! Are you kidding? Have you seen the field?”

    “Yeah, I told ’em you run a 4:09 mile,” he said with a sly grin and a wink.

    Now, at the time, the fasted I’d ever run the mile was maybe 4:56. That was a decent time for a high school miler in the early 1990’s, but that kind of pace at this specific meet would put me a distant last.

    Just being there, I was at risk of embarrassing myself.

    No, make that, I was at risk of humiliating myself and the town name emblazoned across my chest.

    I remember lining up at the starting line and having that uncomfortable feeling of those around me wondering who the “new” guy was.

    The first lap wasn’t a problem — I’d never had a problem hanging with the studs at that point. The pace was faster than I was used to but I had it in me to stay up front — leading actually.

    By the second lap, I knew I was out of my league. I was still leading but there was no way I’d be able to maintain this type of pace.

    My coach was running back and forth across the infield so he could cheer me on the back stretch and the home stretch (something he’d never done in the past) mispronouncing my name the whole time, “C’mon Breeny! You’ve got this… Stay strong, you’ve got this Breeny!”

    In the end, I didn’t finish first.

    I didn’t even finish third like I was supposed to.

    I finished sixth with a time of 4:18.

    I was ecstatic — I’d knocked 38 seconds off of my personal best. That’s over 12%. That’s HUGE!

    After that, I never looked back — and that’s what I see on the show, primarily from those being trained by Bob.

    Some motivation, a little encouragement, some shocking results, and then you’re off and running on your own.

    It’s a good feeling, even if you’re feeling it vicariously through some really fat people while you lay on the couch with your pants unbuttoned eating ice cream.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a little encouragement for say, hmmm, how about putting more money in to savings, this show is a pretty good start.

    No, it’s not about money (though there is the token cash prize at the end), but it’s not really about losing weight either.

    It’s more about changing your ways to reach your goals. Some people need to be yelled at Jillian-style, others just need to be encouraged Bob-style. There’s a little something for everyone — just insert your own goal in place of losing weight…

    (Now can someone get NBC to speed up the weigh-ins? Seriously, they draw that out for half an hour each episode… Totally unnecessary…)

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    Go China!I’m pretty excited for the Olympics to get going tonight (actually, later this morning).

    Just this week my wife and I were talking about how we haven’t been watching much television lately. We don’t watch anything in prime time actually. (No, the conversation never turned anywhere near the idea of canceling cable to save money…)

    But starting tonight, I think we’ll have something somewhat interesting to watch every night of the week! That is, if NBC doesn’t over sensationalize every single thing an American athlete does or has done…

    I’m not really interested about how Amanda Beard loves animals, hates China, and likes to pose nude. I could really care less. The Olympics aren’t the place to go out and make a political statement or stage a protest. And she’s a freakin’ competitor?! Just jump in the pool and swim — in a regular bathing suit…

    My first experience of unbiased Olympic coverage was back in 1992 for the Albertville Winter Games. At the time, I was in Germany and the television coverage was far from all German, all the time — even though they were speaking German.

    It didn’t leave a huge impression on me back then, but for the last Summer Games in Athens, we happened to be in Canada and CBC’s coverage brought the memories rushing back.

    It was… refreshing.

    In response to NBC’s alleged over-reporting of the US athletes, Bob Costas recently responded, “Are Americans somewhat more interested in American performers? Of course they are, but we don’t insult the intelligence of the audience. They’re interested in any good story where ever it may appear.”

    Okay, Bob… But, NBC does insult the intelligence of the audience.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Team Handball on NBC’s prime time coverage. Could it be because the United States is terrible at the sport? Do they forbid televising an event where the Americans get crushed or fail to even show up?

    I dunno, the NBC coverage gets a little boring and old when you just keep on seeing one American after another win gold. That’s fine though, I’d agree that stuff should be covered. It’s a huge accomplishment.

    But really, there aren’t that many events at the Olympics and they should probably show *every* medal winning performance whether an American is on the podium or not.

    I’d appreciate that.

    I doubt that I’m alone.

    Based on their past coverage, to the casual fan, the US has apparently pitched a shutout against the world.

    I mean, would it hurt to show, I dunno, the gold medal game in Team Handball between Denmark and South Korea? At the very least, it might enlighten a few of the geography-challenged out there.

    I’m only using Team Handball as an example because it’s one of those games that I don’t even really understand, but it’s a fascinating thing to see. It’s fast, it’s rough, and it’s exciting. And every single one of the players is anonymous to me. That alone disqualifies its entertainment value for NBC, it seems.

    NBC doesn’t seem to understand that to make great television, the public doesn’t need some sob-story background on the athlete from the wrong side of the tracks who’s bound for glory. I know I don’t need that.

    I’d be perfectly happy if I never heard the names Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, on Shawn Johnson again…

    And the games haven’t even started yet!?

    Can you say, overexposed?

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    The Dark KnightBatman this, Batman that…

    Where’d all of this hype come from? Who’s responsible? And how many times can they make the same movie over again and still generate this much hype?

    I don’t understand it.

    I can’t claim to have seen the latest movie or even the previous 3 Batman movies.

    That one with Danny DeVito as the Penguin sealed it for me — Batman movies from there on out would a complete waste of time.

    (Perhaps I should have more accurately said that Tim Burton movies are a waste of time… Waste of money too…)

    The original Batman television series from the 1960’s was easily the best. Even the 1966 full length movie ranks right up there, even though it just felt like a really long episode.

    Adam West was the best Batman ever. No doubt in my mind. He made the character fun.

    Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

    To this day, while watching Family Guy, I can’t help but think of Batman every time Mayor West speaks. Adam West didn’t just play Batman four decades ago. Adam West *is* Batman.

    I remember when the first (but actually the second) Batman movie came out in 1989. You know, the one with Kim Basinger?

    I was pretty excited (there was HUGE hype then too!), but then disappointed to see the, well, new and supposedly improved Batman. First off, his Batmobile sucked.

    And since when did Batman wear all black?

    Where did those washboard abs come from?

    Why wasn’t anything labeled in the Batcave?

    And really, who decided that Batman should now where more eyeliner than a crack whore? Tim Burton?

    And, lastly, was it just me or was it hard not to just keep seeing Mr. Mom or Beetlejuice in that movie?

    In the end, I thought Michael Keaton was an alright Batman. A terrible Bruce Wayne though. Jack Nicholson was also a decent Joker. Not as great as Cesar Romero, but still, pretty good.

    I watched the 1989 movie this past weekend on ABC Family. At the same time, TNT was showing “Batman and Robin”. See what I mean about the hype? You couldn’t escape it this past weekend.

    Remember when movie hype actually lasted for almost and entire summer? I’m thinking about movies like Independence Day, Terminator 2, and even Ghostbusters…

    Every fast food restaurant had some sort of collectible glass available, I mean, the movie was a big deal. There were arcade games that were actually good — not just commercials for the movie. They even made action figures that people actually wanted. I don’t know — it was like they actually put some effort into marketing the movie.

    Now though, as much as they’ve been making of this Dark Knight movie lately, in another week, it’ll be old news. No one will care.

    Some Martin Lawrence in drag movie will come along and knock it off the top and the poor Dark Knight will be forgotten, the action figures will be in dollar stores across the country, the related video game will be in the bargain bin at BestBuy, and Heath Ledger will go back to just being that guy from the gay cowboy movie that OD’ed or something.

    Anyone remember that Indiana Jones movie that came out earlier this summer with much fanfare?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so…

    Of course, this is all just my opinion.

    I could be wrong.

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    T. Boone PickensBy now, I’m pretty sure everyone in the U.S. has seen one of T. Boone Pickens’ television commercials that have been running each night during prime time on every major network.

    You know, the one with the old guy, T. Boone, talking about his idea for eliminating the dependency on foreign oil. There are even beautiful panoramic vistas of wind farms like the one I passed by on vacation. Some think they’re really ugly, but I think they look pretty cool.

    If you haven’t seen the commercial (do you live in a box?), here it is on YouTube.

    So, who is this guy?

    He’s often referred to as a “legendary oilman” but if you’re under 35, chances are, you haven’t heard of him. I know that I hadn’t.

    By the second time I saw the commercial, I couldn’t help but think this was another H. Ross Perot getting a late start in the race for President.

    There are a lot of similarities…

    They’re both old.

    They both have a first name that they don’t use (Henry and Thomas).

    And they’re both self-made gazillionaires from deep in the heart of Texas — and have the accent to prove it.

    Pickens advertises that he’ll be detailing his proposed “energy plan” in the coming weeks.

    Hmmm, could this be anything like when Ross Perot bought all of the programming time on the networks to show his half-hour long campaign commercials during prime time? Pickens, like Perot, has the money to do it. Amazing what a net worth of $3 billion can get you.

    Secretly, I’m hoping Pickens uses a ton of easy-to-understand charts like Perot did, gosh, 16 years ago now. That was really cool.

    But I don’t think a presidential run is in the cards for Pickens.

    Apparently he already considered running (and then decided against it) back in 1988, as a Republican, I’d assume.

    He’s also 80 years old, though he may not look or sound it. That’s even a few years older than Ross Perot.

    So what’s his point? Why’s he doing this?

    Reading up on him a bit, he’s been a very big supporter of the Republican Party but I can’t see how any of this could possibly benefit John McCain. Based on the Adsense ads that frequently appear on this very site, McCain is still all about a gas tax moratorium… Yeah, that’ll solve everything…

    Sure, “energy” is an issue in politics right now and it is pretty refreshing that someone who wasn’t elected to office for anything is stepping up and offering a real plan, but why?

    My best guess is that it’s a last ditch effort to leave a legacy outside of his native Oklahoma and current state of residence, Texas — while also ensuring that his companies will succeed in the years ahead, even when oil is no longer their cash cow.

    He’s diversifying, basically, and spending loads of his own money to get public support, which will, in-turn, garner government support, and then the government (aka the taxpayers) will subsidize his endeavors.

    If it works, as crooked as it is, he’s a genius… Not that he wasn’t a proven genius in the business world already…

    But maybe I’m alone on this one…

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