Mission AccomplishedOkay, okay, like President G.W. Bush, I spoke too soon. And I’m not referring to Iraqi freedom either…

I’ve been working on eliminating my debts for years now. I’ve used quite a few methods to get to where I am, both good and bad, but now the end is in sight.

I can see it. I can taste it.

Sometimes I even even pace back and forth hoping it will come sooner. But the fact is, my goal will be reached and the mission will be accomplished in a matter of months instead of years.

Problem is…then what?

I don’t know.

I guess I set up a bit of a wishlist of sorts back in January.

And I hinted at what another option might be in my “I’ve hit the 401k, IRA, and Roth IRA Contribution Limit” post, but I don’t have a real concrete — as it would be called in Washington — exit strategy.

Savings snowball? Nah…

Well, maybe… I mean, I still have my 2008 goal of reaching $10k in savings but that doesn’t really excite me the way getting out of debt has.

It’s bizarre how it was so easy to have a plan and stick to it while in the red, but when I finally hit the black, I’ll be in a bit of a haze… Unsure of what to do.

Right now I’m thinking a decent option might be to “spend” myself back into debt by buying into the down market — if I can get a few decent offers from the credit card companies…

We’ll see. Luckly I still have a few months to come up with something…


  1. How about a goal for “blowing” money?

    How much money would you like to have on hand a month to spend and enjoy life?

    Determine the amount – start reasonably and try to escalate with time.

    Take the amount and double it (to insure that the income will consistently increase) So, if you would like $20 – make it $40.

    Multiply by 12 = $480 a year.

    Divide by 3% or the expected earnings you will receive = $16000

    Work to have a cash investment that earns enough monthly to play – so you don’t have too.

    The object with only taking 1/2 is that the money will continue to grow and your 1/2 will grow with it.

    Just a fun way to save

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