Whoever said Money doesn’t Grow on Trees was Right…

Whoever said Money doesn’t Grow on Trees was Right…

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Pennies in the GrassIt grows like grass.

This evening I decided to mow the lawn and at one point it sounded like I’d run over a rock or something.

As I made my next pass, it happened again.

Now, an occasional rock in my lawn is nothing unusual but two in the span of two passes, well, that requires a closer look.

And upon closer inspection, it appears that my lawn is growing pennies.

This was a pretty exciting discovery for me.

So exciting, in fact, that I rushed inside to get the camera to take a picture. Yeah, that’s a real photo.

In total, I’d say that there’s at least 50 cents spread across 10 square feet. Not exactly a jackpot, but it’s still a pretty decent crop.

I’m hoping that eventually they grow into nickels, then dimes, and can you imagine quarters!? Wow, that’d be sweet…

Anyway, also worth noting, the lawnmower died about ten minutes later.

Not sure if it has something to do with running over pennies or not…

One thing is for sure, though… a new lawnmower will, unfortunately, make for an expensive weekend…


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