Debt Free...again!So remember that ill advised $1500 “convenience” check that I wrote to myself as a birthday present and used to pay down the principle on my mortgage in a failed attempt at having my PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) removed?

Well, sticking to the original 15-week “set it and forget it” payment plan, it’s officially gone as of this morning.

My credit card balances are all $0, just like they were back in March

It still hasn’t sunk in yet.

And I’m not sure it really will.

It didn’t the first time…

I’ve found that saving (instead of paying back) is really, really, really hard

So much so that I’m considering writing an even bigger check (the kind that come with your credit card statements) to myself, transferring it into my ING savings account, and then paying down the subsequent balance like I’ve become so accustomed…

Roundabout way of operating, I know, but it’s just a thought…


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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome….again!

    You will get used to saving, you might as well since this is the mode you will be operating in for the rest of your life. You should develop the discipline that will carry you forward. You know that you have it in you.

    As far as feeling good, I took only a slight breathe when the debt was gone and I think a celebratory special dinner. The great feelings and changed life came with the finishing of the fully funded emergency fund. That was the best. Changed my life and perspective forever.

  2. Use the same methodology to save: have an automatic deduction from your pay-check directly into a savings account or a brokerage account. After a couple of months, you won’t even feel the financial pain anymore, and your savings balance will continue to grow on autopilot.

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