So, last, last Friday, I got into a fender bender.

The details aren’t terribly important (I feel that I got screwed) but I decided not to get the insurance company involved and just have the repairs done on my own dime to put it all behind me.

On Monday, we dropped the car off at a local body shop.

On Thursday, it was ready and looking good as new.

Total damage was $1200-something…

I stopped in to pick it up, pulled out my wallet, and then they said, “Oh, we don’t take charge cards…”

Say what?


  1. A place that deals in high cost repairs like that doesn’t take charge cards? Wow. Don’t they know that less than half of Americans could come up with $2,000 within a couple of weeks (or whatever that study was that was floating around a couple of weeks ago). That’s pretty amazing.

    • I know — that’s what I thought too…

      My guess is that most people that have work done are having the payment made by their insurance company. That’s just a guess though…

      On the bright side — my CC balances won’t skyrocket this month!

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