Allstate LogoYesterday afternoon I received my auto insurance renewal from Allstate in the mail.

With the accident back in May, that resulted in a repair bill that indicated that they probably should have totalled the car, I wasn’t expecting good news.

But it was good news.

It doesn’t appear that my rates have gone up — and having been with Allstate for years, I was never ushered in to the “Accident Forgiveness” plan that they advertise so heavily — so I really expected them to jump (or have them drop me entirely like they did with my homeowners insurance.)

Total bill is still an outrageous $1071 for six months.

Is it just me, or is that really high for a 30 year old married male with no tickets and just this one accident on his record?


  1. Just read about your accident mid last year. Glad you and your wife came out without any injuries. As for your car insurance, it surely seems high to me. I would highly recommend that you do a comparison quote online. In 15 minutes, you could get up to 12 quotes compared for you. Doing this could save you hundreds of dollar a year. Increasing your deductible could be another way of reducing the cost. Good luck getting your finance back on track.

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