Citi Card Paid Off

Citi Card Paid Off

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CitiBank LogoI’m pretty proud of myself.

On December 17th, the balance on my CitiBank AT&T Universal MasterCard was $5000. This morning, this being a pay day, it’s at $0.

Even better, it was less than a month ago that I eliminated my balance on my Bank of America Business Card.

Two credit cards gone in the span of a month!

Two down, one to go — and the remaining card’s balance is just over $5000. Can I keep pace and wipe that one out by February 17?

Probably not.

But still, this puts me a good five months ahead of schedule on my snowball plan.

Sure, that may indicate I should have set out with a more aggressive strategy from the get-go, but I’m still perfectly happy with how things are coming together.

Well, except my checking account balance. Have I mentioned that I’m broke yet?


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