The “In the Black” Plan

The “In the Black” Plan

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Grow!  Grow Money Tree!I’ve started putting together a few ideas for when the time comes that I’m finally in the black (excluding the mortgage).

My first idea was sparked by a recent comment that Dedicated made on my posting about my rapidly approaching dilemma of uncertainty.

After running the numbers this morning, over the past 36 months, I’ve been paying down my credit cards at an average rate of $2441.66 each month, or in weekly terms, around $563 per week.

With that monthly expense eliminated 100%, I should, in theory, be able to reach my goal of $10k in savings by applying that former payment towards savings in a little over 4 months. That is astounding to me.

More realistically though, with my income down somewhat after dropping numerous clients on my side business, I think a slightly smaller goal of $400/week to ING is within reason.

This too may be difficult as I’m not taking into account the additional money I’m paying towards the mortgage on a weekly basis, but I’ll give it a shot and see where it leads me.

At a rate of $400/week and not including any interest earned, $10k is just 25 weeks away or less than 6 months.

That sounds like a plan for now, but first I’m going to concentrate on paying off the auto loan…

The 2008 goals all seem to be falling into place nicely — especially considering we’re just beginning our 13th week of the year.


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