Countrywide has terrible customer service…A couple of months ago when I submitted an online customer service inquiry to Countrywide, it went without response until I submitted the request a second time.

Seems history repeats itself.

It’s been 10 days since my last submission. They claim on the website that it may take 1-2 days to respond.

Obviously, they’re late.

With that, I’ve just submitted my last inquiry again:

Hello, I’ve called customer service twice and spoken to three people this past week, all of which have been unable to answer my questions:

1. Does Countrywide acknowledge the Homeowners Protection Act in regards to the automatic cancellation of PMI?

2. At what point will the PMI on my account be automatically cancelled? I’d like a specific date please.

Please answer these two questions for me.

Now to sit and wait some more…


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  1. Hi Heather!
    You know, that’s a good idea. The mortgage broker that I got my original mortgage from actually became a rep for Countrywide a few years after the fact. I was really comfortable with her and would definitely take this issue to her — problem is, she was apparently a victim of the mortgage crisis.

    In short, her office is no more. For a few years, she was representing a different mortgage company ever few years, but it appears now that she’s out of the business entirely. Too bad too, because, like I’ve said in the past, she wisely steered me (a naive first time buyer) clear from the ARMs and other wacky mortgage options by telling me straight-up, “Yeah, the payments might be less, but you really don’t want these… The risk is too high…”

    Anyway, I can’t find her anywhere anymore — representing any company. :o(

    The only real Countrywide office within a short distance of my house is more of a corporate setting rather than a “retail” location in a strip mall or anything — not really a customer service for the consumer storefront — so it’s not really a great place to, I dunno, raise hell. They’d probably just have me removed by security, but hey, that might get me some attention! ;0)

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