Confusion and FrustrationBack at it. On Sunday evening, I submitted another online inquiry to Countrywide:

Hello, I’ve called customer service twice and spoken to three people this past week, all of which have been unable to answer my questions:

1. Does Countrywide acknowledge the Homeowners Protection Act in regards to the automatic cancellation of PMI.

2. At what point will the PMI on my account be automatically cancelled. I’d like a specific date please.

Please answer these two questions for me.

Not holding my breath on the response to this one.

By the way, thanks for all of the emails of encouragement over the past couple of weeks!


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    • Pois se este é spgtiinoursta, o maló ainda é pior…pois vai ver mais jogos do benfas do que da Académica. Não percebo como tipos destes, se assumem adeptos dos 3 estarolas e depois são presidentes de outros clubes, outro que tenho conhecimento é o tótó do presidente do olhanense, também é do benfas, depois qdo jogam entre si é só baixar as calças…

    • juste pour dire que j’adore venir flâner sur ce blog pour les saveurs imaginées (kgs post grossesse obligent…) et les photos si jolies bonne continuationau plaisir d’un jour essayer mais…. par où commencer ,tout est si tentantpetit NB: bravo de dépasser le tout chocolat et d enous proposer des fruits et…. du beurre! 😉 anso la bretonne

    • non je pense qu’ils assument bien ce hit, quand ils l’ont joué au Hellfest c’était la grosse fiesta dans le public. Ils en ont même fait une belle version acoustique sur le live "Allmost Unplugged".

    • خیر مشکلی ندارد امیدوارم قبل از اکسپایر شدن سی اس کیو شما ویرا دریافت کنید والبته اگر اکسپایر شد باید دوباره مکاتبه کنید مثل دوستان دیگر که دوباره برای شما سی اس کیو با تاریخ معتبر بفرستند

    • Read the reviews. Was hesitant; used at local theme park and worked GREAT! The chargers are working and they lasted around 4 hours. The range was good and clarity was good and even better with the headset (wired) that came with them. Overall…very satisfied and would recommend!

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