StorkYep, with just over 120 days to go, we’re going baby shopping today…

We’ve priced things out a few times at Babies-R-Us and USA Baby already but haven’t actually bought anything. You know, we just test drove all of the strollers, tried to break a few cribs, and openly questioned what anyone would need a wipe warmer for…

But the window shopping phase is over.

Today we’ll break out the credit cards and spend some money and get things rolling.

I hear that all of these places offer layaway and most even have their own special financing available.

I’ll listen to the pitch, but I have a feeling that we’ll just charge all of this stuff up front and pay it right back down up until the due date.

Wish me luck… on the shopping front.


  1. Good luck with the shopping!! I did it twice now, and always had fun doing it! The only thing was, it was hard to resist some of the cute/cool items that were non-necessities. So just watch out, get what you know you need, and you’ll be ok! 😀

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