Allstate Sign - LA TimesMy auto insurance bill from Allstate arrived yesterday and it seems that things are creeping up.

Sure, it was just six months ago that I knocked $400 off my premium by actually calling my agent to tell them that I’d gotten married YEARS earlier but still…

Over these past six months, I haven’t gotten any tickets, I haven’t gotten into any accidents, and let’s face it, my cars aren’t getting any “newer”.

One is over a decade old and the other is a subcompact economy car.

And that’s why I don’t get it.

They’re worth *less* but I’m paying *more* to insure them? Huh?

But really, the “new” 6-month premium is $897.20 — that’s a mere $11.80 more than last time.

It’s not that big of a deal so I’m not going to worry about it too much but, seriously, it should perpetually go down until I purchase a new car or file a claim.

You’d think, any way…


  1. That’s nothing! Allstate raised the premium on my rental property by a whopping 52%!

    They put the blame for the increase on fraudulent claims, even though I didn’t even file a claim… ever!

    I subsequently ditched Allstate out of pure principle. Costs go up over the years, I understand that, but they don’t go up by 52%, and if they do, it’s a reflection on the company and their business practices.

    Read about it here:


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