I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on my Car Insurance…

I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on my Car Insurance…

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Mrs. ButterworthBut I didn’t call Geico.

Maybe I should have?

15 Minutes are so hard to find these days…

I also doubt that Mrs. Butterworth would have answered the phone there anyway and that would’ve left me somewhat disappointed…

Anyway, it all started last week when I received my renewal notice from Allstate.

Yes, the same Allstate that screwed me over royally with my homeowners insurance.

To their defence, they’re also the same Allstate that didn’t raise my premiums after I essentially totaled my BMW.

It’s a love/hate relationship.

Anyway, I recognize the moderately thick square envelope every time it arrives and it’s never good news — basically nothing more than a HUGE bill.

My premium this time was $1102.20 for the next six months.

That’s actually up around $31 since this time last year.

Sure, that covers my two cars but, even still, I’ve always felt that $2200 per year was a little steep. Perhaps not after the accident, but prior to that, definitely.

So flipping through the entire policy, and thinking about raising my deductible or just plain lowering some of my coverage to save a few bucks I noticed that it listed me as a “32 year old single male.”

A few problems with that… First, I’m only 31. Second, I’m married. That last part is factual. I am male.

Now, in addition, I’d received one of those canned cold-call emails in the middle of the night from my Allstate insurance agent. You know the kind. After they’ve made their pitch for something they always close with the standard, “If you have any questions about your policy, please don’t hesitate to ask!”


I filled out the online form and said, “I got married back in 2006 but my policy still lists me as single. Will that get me any sort of discount? Please?”

I didn’t bother to mention the age issue as I’ll be 32 by the time the policy takes effect.

My agent’s secretary responded yesterday morning via email asking me to call the office to “confirm” the marriage.

After spending 4 minutes and 20 seconds on the phone during my lunch hour, I’m happy to report that my new 6-month premium is $885.40.

Over the span of a year, that’s over $400 less! That’s HUGE!

But now I’m kicking myself for being so friendly… I should have demanded the discount retroactively for the past 2 years…

Nah, a $400 savings is good enough for me…