Family ReunionOkay, okay, okay…

In my last post, after spending *so* much more than I ever should have, I claimed that I’d right-the-ship this month.

So far, so good.

With all of my bills for the month of September already paid, I’ve only spent $2574.

That’s pretty good especially when you consider that it includes a few nights in a hotel room (for that family reunion in the picture) and, yes, even a hockey jersey. Or two.

But in the process of keeping my spending down, I haven’t been chopping into the mortgage like I have been for the last few months.

And, oddly enough, my savings rate hasn’t increased either.

So… I’m spending less but I’m not improving my financial standing any…


I’ll give it another month but if I don’t see enough positive movement, both on the mortgage end and the savings side, I’ll go back to my tried and true weekly auto-transfers and spend as freely as I have been all year…

Seems that it’s one of those “all or nothing” situations…


  1. You know, Zen, those are great questions…

    Obviously the math doesn’t add up — spending less should lead to saving more — but I think that when I’m not tossing my money towards a specific target (like the mortgage or the savings account), the “progress” is a lot more cloudy.

    I’m lining myself up to have spent around $3400 for the month of September. Still pretty lofty but not as high as I’ve been the previous few. At the same time, to cut my spending, I stopped my weekly mortgage payments.

    On paper, it’s a wash, but when you look at the pace of my mortgage reduction, well, it looks like I had a terrible month.

    I guess it’s just a motivation thing — I feel like my mortgage suffered and I gained nothing in the process.

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