I’ll confess openly to actually desiring a Snuggie anyway but now I *really* want one!

To think, if it weren’t for the Snuggie being included, I probably would’ve lifted the better of the songs off of the internet somewhere for free… I know it’s wrong.

Now, though, I’m going to spend $30 on the album. Or someone will get it for me for Christmas. (Hint, hint — the blue one, not the zebra print.)

Great marketing on Weezer’s part.


  1. Hahaha! Just make sure that it doesn’t get caught up in cinders when you get up to stoke the fire… you might have a lawsuit pending when that thing lights up!

    For the great snuggie warmth without the price tag, go buy 3 yards of 60″ wide material when it’s on sale at the fabric store for @$2.99 a yard and have your wife cut holes in it for your hands and wrap you up in it… no brand name snuggie needed!


  2. Yeah, but will the homemade version have “WEEZER” emblazoned across the front? I think not.


    I’m all about the logo when it comes to clothing… Seriously — my wardrobe might be way, way, way, out of style but it’s name brand!

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