Money to Burn…

Money to Burn…

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Don't Let's StartWow… My finances are in a total funk of late…

The good news is that the mortgage refinance did go through without a hitch — I finally received a bill from my new lender.

In all, I managed to eliminate PMI, lower my rate 2%, and cut my monthly minimum payment by $750. Pretty good stuff.

My day-to-day finances, though, are in total disarray. See — I’ve been doing the mortgage auto-payment thing, on a weekly basis, for years now.

That’s done.

Shut off. Might not even get it going again…

And, like most responsible folks, I also plan my monthly budget around my biggest bill — the mortgage.

Well, it’s not such a big bill anymore. And, my first payment to the new lender isn’t due until August 1st.

That’s still a long way off.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I feel like I’ve suddenly got a lot of money to burn. And I guess I do…except that I’ve also got $30k more to pay the contractor working on our house and a fresh and new $17k credit card balance.

I feel “richer” than I ever have but I’m in deeper debt than I’ve grown accustomed to since I finally got myself out of the red

It’s a peculiar situation…


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