Two Grand is the New Zero

Two Grand is the New Zero

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So as to never again pay a maintenance fee to Bank of America for my Checking Account, that is, until they increase their minimums on the sly again, I’ve just transferred $2k from my ING savings account into my BoA checking account.

I’ll get dinged for $14 again this month, as my balance was below the “new” minimum for a few days right at the start of my cycle but, from here on out, $2000 is my new floor.

I’ve also set-up a bunch of those “Low Balance Alerts” that they advertise in their television commercials to let me know whenever I come with-in $500 of it.

My largest auto-pay bill is the mortgage and it comes just shy of $500 so this should prevent any inadvertent middle of the night auto-transfer slip-ups…


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