We’ve come into a situation and our deadline quickly is quickly approaching. Just over two months from now…

We need a name for Duncan‘s brother.

Though it may be hard to believe, for all intents and purposes, our surname really is Smurf.

One syllable.

Overflowing with consonants.

You know, if vowels weren’t so darn expensive, we’d buy a few, but seriously, the last time I watched Wheel of Fortune, they were up to $250 apiece!?

So, yeah, it’s been really difficult to pick another name to flow nicely with Smurf so that’s what we’re looking for suggestions…

A few notes/guidelines:

Foreign names are in play. We’re hockey and soccer fans so we’re familiar with and totally open to those weird (by North American standards) Dutch or Scandanavian names.

Not essential, but the first name should probaly contain more than one syllable to flow nicely. One syllable names (combined with the single syllable last name) sound very gruff. Dwight Smurf just doesn’t flow. Neither does Bruce Smurf. See what I mean?

Names of characters from Twilight are automatically disqualified from contention. There are far too many 15 to 20-year olds out there named Brandon and Dylan because of that sort of thing….

Star Wars names, as much as I love them, are also a big no-no. Chewbacca Lando Smurf would be freakin’ awesome though…

Names also need to be spelled correctly. If you’d spell Duncan as Du’nkyn, well, you’re not edgy. You’re wrong. Traditional (i.e. correct) spellings only, please.

Lastly, try to avoid names that begin with the letter “D”. We don’t want to appear as one of “those” families. You know, the type that give all of their children the same initials to the point that they need to start spelling them wrong.

Please, please, please comment away.

We really need your help.


  1. Not sure why but Jackson keeps coming to mind…
    Carsten is Dutch… Carson or something like that maybe?

    You could do what my parents did… narrow is down to a few favorite and let big sister (me, almost 3 years old) decide which!

  2. I’m a fan of traditional names like Joseph, Benjamin, and Thomas.
    My personal rule of thumb for naming children is two-fold:
    1. Don’t end their name with the sound of the first syllable in your last name (I mean, Horace Smurf – there’s a toungue twister!).
    2. Go outside in your back yard and yell their full name a few times. If you don’t like the way it sounds yelled in full, don’t pick it. By the time they’re 7, that is how their name will always sound as you’re trying to get them to come in!

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