I’m going to ignore the Brisk Iced Tea commercial for the time being but what was Chrysler thinking?

I got the message of the commercial — yeah, yeah, Detroit is making a comeback and Chrysler is trying to market themselves as edgier or something by using a local celebrity in a wicked long commercial.

On paper, or in a brainstorming marketing meeting, that sounds like a pretty good commericial, I’ll admit.

But then you choose Eminem to star?

What, was the scummy Kid Rock unavailable?

Now I know that Emimem has a pretty big fan base but his fan base would only make up a tiny sliver of the total Super Bowl audience — most of which would have tuned out long before the commercial aired anyway…

To the masses, Eminem is the guy who can’t get a full sentence out without using profanity, beat his girlfriend/wife, and on top of that, he hates his mom too.

Would you want someone like that as your spokesman for a 12-million dollar plus spot during the Super Bowl?

The vast majority is who Chrysler should be marketing towards…but they chose not to.

I won’t be buying a Chrysler. I probably won’t be buying anything out of Detroit — actually.

Seriously, though, most of the cars are made across the river in Canada anyway. “Imported” from Detroit is right…

Justin Bieber might have been a more appropriate spokesman… and, last time I checked, he still lives with his mom.


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  1. As someone from the Detroit area, I couldn’t agree more. Eminem is gritty, he’s determined, he’s rough around the edges. Those are the things that Detroit stands for and that the message of the commercial was trying to get across.

    I agree that many of his songs haven’t had the best message, but many have been uplifting, especially recently. The song they were playing in the background ‘Lose Yourself’ is about finding your inner strength and acting on it to make good things happen for yourself. It’s actually a very motivational song.

    Chrysler has had a reputation for being stodgy and old for decades now. It was one of the many factors that nearly put them out of business. They’re trying to re-invent themselves and appeal to different people than they ever have before. They’re trying to show that yes, they were down and out, but they’re on their way up. Going as far away from traditional was sort of the point. And before you say Eminem is too far off the map to appeal to people, I ask ‘How many Grammys was he just nominated for?’ Hint: A lot.

    The car is going to be assembled at a Detroit area assembly plant. It was designed and tested by engineers also in the Detroit area. If you’re going to knock them for not having every part and piece of the car come from Detroit, that’s not even fair. The days of any auto company, foreign or domestic, being able to do that are twenty five years in the past.

    Love your writing and your blog, Brainy, but I think you missed the mark on this one. The point of Super Bowl commercials is to build buzz. I think Chrysler did that. Will it translate into sales? Maybe. I’m skeptical on that as well, but not because I didn’t like the commercial (I did) but because Chrysler still has a lot of hurdles to overcome and a lot to prove. All they wanted to say was ‘Hey, America, listen up. Chrysler and Detroit have sucked, but we want you to know we’re both on the way back’.

    Now, Chrysler (and Detroit) just need to make sure they can do enough that they can do a commercial down the road that says ‘Hey, we told you so.’ I can guarantee when that commercial is made, Justin Bieber WON’T be doing that one, either 🙂

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