Networth Update: August 2012 (-$3051)

Networth Update: August 2012 (-$3051)

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August 2012 Net WorthThere are only two words needed to describe the month of July…

Taxes and Vacation.

Overall, besides moving a bunch from savings to cover the costs of vacation and my local property taxes, pretty much everything else was business as usual.

I did, however, start some extra payments on the mortgage. Nothing major and nothing that I plan to continue in the near future.

Basically, my mortgage company claims that they allow “one” extra payment per year and any additional payments will come with a $15 fee.

I was testing them — four extra payments were made and there wasn’t a fee to be had. Yet, anyway…

So I’ve concluded that it’s one of those e-payment scenarios where if you initiate it on their end, there’s a fee, but if you initiate it on your bank’s end, it’s free.

Lastly, you may have noticed that I carried a credit card balance this month. That was because I was on vacation — had I been home, I’d have paid the balance in full at the end of the month like I usually do.

If you’re truly worried, don’t be. There won’t be any finance charges! :0)


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