pcmac_shutup.jpgLeave it to the folks at Apple. Great marketing, I’ll give them that, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re now nothing more than a walkman manufacturer. (Will the whole iPod fad die please?)

The computing side of the company was never great to begin with, but ever since their “rebirth” with the iMac (ooooooh, pretty colors!), they’ve been that annoying mosquito buzzing around your ear.

You just can’t get them to go away….

The most recent campaign, though a few years old now, is still pretty entertaining, even viewing them from the “PC” side of the aisle.

Effective with the masses too, I’m sure.

I could refute every claim and inference made in each individual commercial to date, but I’ll spare you. To the veteran computer user, it’s all obvious propaganda.

The funniest part of the campaign to me are all of the references to how square the “PC” fellow is, compared to the hip “Mac” guy.

Now I don’t know about you, but about 10 minutes after graduating from high school, I stopped caring about being hip or cool.

Now it was time to be successful.


No offense to the “Mac” character, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I don’t really want to be like the guy who always wears a hoodie over a ratty t-shirt and never combs his hair. Or the one who brags about how cool his “video-mails” are.

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but around here the guys with video cameras hooked up to their computers are generally perverts. Not exactly something I want to emulate.

And the shots at PC’s for crashing, or having viruses, or being difficult to upgrade are really low blows:

Sure, Macs don’t crash — but that’s because they’re toys.

You can’t push a Mac to the brink because there isn’t any software available to ‘push’ them.

They openly admit that they don’t do “spreadsheets” or “calculations” in the commercials in favor of making silly graphics or whatever.

Okay, um, what did we buy this computer for again?

Oh yeah, watching DVDs… Wait a minute, isn’t that what the TV is for?

The virus topic is another slightly skewed shot at the PC fellow.

Fact is, even in 2007, far less than 10% of computer users on the internet are using Macs. A *tiny* minority.

The “purpose”, while disturbing, of a virus to to infect as many as possible, so why on earth would some loser computer-whiz kid write some malicious code to infect a tiny group of computers?

Why would they do that?

Hey look, my personal virus wasn’t even a blip on the map. It’s about bragging rights, and a virus for a Mac can’t offer that.

Difficult to upgrade?

Hey, at least it’s possible. Don’t see too many ‘Grape’ iMacs in service these days… (You can find them in the “bulky-trash” dumpsters at your local dump though).

They never once mentioned back then that once the monitor blew out, you had to trash the whole computer…

True, upgrading a Mac is easy as can be — just buy a whole new Mac!

Love those $1k upgrades.

Being a PC user, I’m still using my trusty HP keyboard from 1995 and a Dell monitor from 1997. My hard drive from my first 386 still works today in my current set-up.

Can Mac say that? I think not.

When I do upgrade my CPU every couple of years, and that’s all I need to upgrade, it’s never more that $400.

My graphics cards, sound cards, monitors, etc… just make the trip with me.

And the old CPU’s just end up as servers — I still have a Pentium-60 in service. That’s nearly 13 years old.

And just where are the Mac servers? Where are the Macs in business?

Oh yeah, I forgot, they’re just toys…

Let PC and his cousin who runs Unix take care of the big stuff.

Mac can keep finger painting…

Seriously, don’t even consider a Mac.

Computers aren’t that confusing or difficult anymore; owning a mac just labels you as retarded.

And yes, there is something wrong with that.


  1. Well, Tyler, it is a wild bashing of “that annoying mosquito” named Apple. They’re toys. Apple makes walkmans.

    Would I buy a computer manufactured by a company that makes overpriced telephones and music players? No.

    Why? Because they’re toys. Overpriced ones. You can get a PC with twice the power for half the cost. And you can even buy software for it…

  2. You know, reading this made me chuckle a little bit. It’s like a twelve year old went on a tyrant because someone next door had something better and he wanted to prove that it wasn’t.

    You see I have used PC’s and Macintosh computers side by side for as long as I can remember. Even today I’m sitting here typing this on a PC. But perhaps you should get some facts straight.

    And yes I realize this is 4 years after the last post, but since I will never be back here, I don’t really care.

    Lets get on to my points.

    A) Macintosh computers CAN be pushed. In fact the nice thing about Macintosh is they are BUILT to be pushed. They aren’t meant to do spreadsheets, although they CAN. See the whole point of buying a Mac, is to buy a superior product for a superior use.

    Going to be making a bunch of HD, high quality, theater ready movies? Good luck doing that on a “cost effect” PC. You’ll end up paying the same price you would a mac, and then find out that the software is for a mac, and the PC version of it is choppy.

    Going to be playing games? Any game that is Mac compatible plays faster and better on Mac OS. Why? Because the way the video processing works. You can have a “worse” video card and still do more. Good luck getting away with that on a cheap PC video card.

    You know, it’s a proven fact… the windows operating system runs faster, and better, while running on a mac. That’s right, the PC operating system, runs better on a mac computer, then it does it’s own computer. Isn’t that sad?

    Not upgradeable? Given upgrading an imac is rather blah, but you know what is interesting? Look at the actual desktops. THey take ram, video-cards, hard-drives, power supplies just like any other computer out there. Interesting, all that stop you were complaining about, totally can be upgraded.

    I realize intel chips weren’t out yet for Mac, and the windows running on a mac is newish. But it doesn’t really matter. Every since Windows XP, the windows operating system has been getting closer and closer to running like a Mac. IN FACT, I just talked to a Microsoft Rep at Best Buy. When describing his new operating system he said, “Like an Apple” At least 7 times.

    Need I say more?

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