The Snowball is Officially Rolling

The Snowball is Officially Rolling

1 2021

Gobble, gobble…With my paycheck coming in today, a day early, because of the holiday, I just fired off another $800 towards my Bank of America credit card allowing me to cross November off on my debt snowball payment chart.

In total, I ended up paying back $2075 total towards that card (around $550 extra); partly because I want it finished off a month earlier than the chart indicates, but mostly because I ended up charging just over $420 (!?) on it this month.

The big expense was a $220 upgrade for Adobe Illustrator, which gets chalked up as a necessary business expense. It is, afterall, a business card.

$420 – $220 = $200

Where’d the additional $200 go? I thought you were trying to cut back expenses and get rid of these cards?! You’re more flippy-floppy than any of the pf bloggers… I’m never reading again.

Well, $100 of it went towards a new mailbox. Since we had the house sided over the summer (they finally finished the job a couple of weeks ago?!), we haven’t had a mailbox on the house — just the old one sitting on the floor of the front porch. It had to be done sooner or later and the business card is the only card that I carry so that’s what paid for it.

The remaining $100 went towards gas. Perhaps it’s my age, but I’ve only paid for gas inside a gas station maybe twice in my life. And even then, it was with a credit card. Pay-at-the-Pump is the only way to go. I’ve even pulled out of gas stations with the indicator on E without filling up because the pumps didn’t have a credit card slot — it’s that much of a convenience for me.

Anyhow, across the entire snowball plan, this morning I’m sitting at a total balance of $20825. That’s $337 ahead of schedule.

Obviously, I’ll have to pick up the pace some in the remaining weeks to get the business card paid off in full, but I’m not against dipping into my ING Savings to make that happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(and for those in Canada and elsewhere — have a nice, um, Thursday.)


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