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Just when I said that I wasn’t eagerly awaiting my W-2 this year, I’ve already flip-flopped…

No, that’s an overstatement.

I received my W-2 from my employer today and it truly had me thinking about doing my taxes for the rest of the work day.

Of course, I haven’t purchased any tax software yet and I’m still waiting on a few 1099-MISC’s so I can’t really get going anyway buuuuuuuuut the juices are definitely flowing.

I’d be shocked if I make it through this weekend without installing TurboTax

(Yes, I’m actually going to use the same product in consecutive years… Sorry TaxCut…)


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  1. Hi Sabrina!
    I have tried that in the past, as well as an honest attempt at doing my taxes on paper, but with so many 1099’s and the ownership of a business, I’ve found that the software packages out there are *totally* worth the costs involved.

    I guess I’m not so much looking to save money, I’m more looking to make it as painless an experience as possible — while also ensuring a relatively high return… that I’m confident in.

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