Net Worth Update: June 2009 (+$8,726)

Net Worth Update: June 2009 (+$8,726)

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June 2009 Net Worth UpdateWow — it was all good news this past month.

Gains all the way. No losses. None!

And to think, I thought last month was great!

The big turnaround came in the value of my home — and combined with my additional effort at paying down the mortgage, well, it almost feels like I’m doubling my money…


Here’s the breakdown:

Kept my checking account balance above the $3k mark for pretty much the entire month.

I’m working my way towards a minimum balance of $5k and I think I did a pretty good job at moving towards that goal.

I’m on auto pilot here. Basically, with weekly deposits totalling $165, I’m just keeping this on the up and up.

Gov’t Bonds:
That cool $1k I tossed into the mix back in April hasn’t paid off yet, but I’m still confident that I made a wise move.

I know the news of doom and gloom is still all around, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it should be.

Sweet! This is the first sizable gain in a loooooonnnnggg time.

Auto 1 & Auto 2:
Nothing to report here, though, I have a feeling that I’ll be adding an “Auto 3” in the not too distant future.

Credit Cards:
Paid in full — nothing to report.

Auto Loan:
Nothing to report.

Other Loans:
Still… nothing.

Moving right along. My goal was to knock over 1% of the total balance off each month and I’m right on target. I’d really like to be under $100k before the end of the summer.


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