Duncan is four months old.

Well, it’s now been four months since my son was born and though we bought him a highchair just for the occasion, I’ve gotta say…kids are definitely worth the added expense.

(For the record, I only wrote this post because Debt Destroyer called Pants in a Can a “Mommy Blog” last week. Perhaps I should change my theme…)


  1. I have been reading your blog since before the smurfling was born, and I enjoy all your posts – even the baby posts. How can you not smile at such a huge grin?? And yes, I admit, I am a mommy. 🙂

  2. I totally agree that kids are worth the added expense! Although ask me again after I pay for preschool, dancing class, piano lessons, doctor visits…

    PS I wouldn’t change a thing, “Pants” is by far my favorite Mommy Blog 🙂

  3. Kids are awesome. Sounds like your first four months might have been a little easier than mine. My first son and I had a tough time connecting. I had a tough time soothing him neither of us was quite comfortable.

    At 6 months though he started to really interact with the world around him and all that changed.

    Take lots of pictures and notes, because things change so much on almost a daily level!

    For “Pants, The Mommy Blog”, I would love to see some more articles on parenting and coupon clipping!

  4. Good call Rock — you know what’s crazy, though?

    We’ve found that he’s such a bargain as it is that we haven’t clipped a single coupon yet. Not one.

    Anyway, I just hope his demeanor holds steady for years to come. So far, so good!

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