Net Worth Update: November 2009 (+$1,812)

Net Worth Update: November 2009 (+$1,812)

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November 2009 Net Worth ChartIt’s weird how things swing back and forth… Do numbers lie?

I mean, last month my net worth went up over $10k and I didn’t really feel like I’d made much progress.

I flat out said that I didn’t have a great month.

So you’d think that with a much smaller gain of $1812 this month (my worst showing by far since March) that I’d, you know, be all down in the dumps. Woe is me.

But this is where it gets weird — I think that I had a GREAT October.

The number might not indicate that but, really, things progressed just as I wanted them to.

Here are the details:

Nothing much to report here but things should change for the better soon as I’ve stopped paying the mortgage from my checking account which is what this really is…

Holy crap! Yep, I’m a sucker for saving.

Gov’t Bonds:
Hey, did you know that I-Bonds are somewhat attractive again? They’ll earn over 3% for the next six months so I might be tossing a bit more towards them in the near future. Nothing major though.

I have a hunch that this is going to sky rocket soon. The house across the street from us is about to go on the market and I’m pretty sure it’s going to command a pretty decent price — and receive it. That can only be good news for me.

Auto 1 & Auto 2:
Nothing shocking here.

Credit Cards, Auto Loans, and Other Loans:
Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Another dismal showing. paying the mortgage out of my savings account now, I don’t even feel like I’m paying a mortgage at all.

That’s probably a bad thing if my ultimate goal is to pay the whole thing off…


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