Interest Rates (for Savers) are in the Tank

Interest Rates (for Savers) are in the Tank

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PIAC LogoI read an article somewhere that said something to the effect of “Saving is for Suckers” — I wish I could find it. It was just a few days ago…

Anyway, it wasn’t a broad stroke sort of thing — obviously saving isn’t for suckers — but, right now, with rates hovering just over one percent, well, it’d probably be a wiser strategy to put the money to use elsewhere.

As things currently stand, I’m saving like crazy so much so that I’m genuinely excited to post my net worth update.

Unfortunately, that also means that I’m a sucker.

I know it’s stupid — I should be paying down my mortgage at 6-something percent instead. Though I’m nearly 10 years into my mortgage, big payments now still make a much larger dent than payments of the same size 5 years down the road.

It’d be in my best interest to hit the mortgage hard right now while my savings are earning so little.

But on the other hand, there’s a lot of comfort that comes with a big number in the savings account. And I’m really trying to save up to get that much needed renovation (started and) paid for. Right now, I’m guessing I’m about 25% of the way there.

Now I know what you’re thinking, here he goes again… I’m not flip-flopping again — just re-evaluating my options.


I just want it all

Maybe I’ll go 50/50 in the new year? You know, throw half towards savings and half towards the mortgage…

I can’t believe I even said that — my own personal history in debt reduction clearly indicates that financial moves like that get you nowhere fast…


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