Beware of the Pink Snowman

Beware of the Pink Snowman

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The Pink Snowman

The Pink SnowmanLast night I posted that I’d managed to only spend $2999.72 for the entire month of February.

Well, already today, just one day into the month of March, I’ve spent more than that.

Yep, $2000 towards the mortgage, $900+ to the fine folks at Allstate for auto insurance, and a couple hundred dollars as a business tax payment…

And it gets worse — we have a few pricey auto repairs on the horizon (this coming weekend), the need for a new vacuum cleaner (this week, hopefully), and there’s something else that I’m strugging to remember right now but it’s expensive too…

By the way, isn’t that a great snowman?

We had snow in the forecast pretty much every other day up in the northeast all month long and a house just around the corner — and on my way to work — had this beast in the front yard.

The people that live there are, well, I’d classify them as white trash (who hangs laundry out to dry in a snow storm on a regular basis?) but, man, they build a mean snowman.

He was a little past his prime when I took this photo but you get the idea — he was a two-legged pink Valentine’s Day snowman — easily 8+ feet tall.

Simply awesome.

I’m hoping that his awesomeness can deflect some attention from my HUGE expenditures.

Is it working?


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