Nope...this picture has nothing to do with the post.The last time I pulled a credit report on myself was back in 2008 using one of those free websites.

It was enlightening and kind of disappointing too. I mean, there weren’t any negatives listed in the report and it was cool to see how many accounts that I actually had (and forgotten existed) but it never actually told me what my credit score was — you know, that magic number that’s calculated in total secrecy kinda like how college football rankings are set.

It’s a meaningless number that, for some reason, holds a lot of weight.

Well, while the defensive financial move we made earlier this week hasn’t really gone anywhere just yet — still signing all of the paperwork — the bank did provide us with our credit scores.

Now, I don’t keep track of my wife’s finances here on PIAC but I’m pretty sure she won’t mind me sharing here credit scores as well as my own:

Experian: (Range of Possible Scores: 340 to 820)
   ·Brainy – 821
   ·Wife – 792

TransUnion: (Range of Possible Scores: 300 to 850)
   ·Brainy – 809
   ·Wife – 804

Equifax: (Range of Possible Scores: 300 to 850)
   ·Brainy – 809
   ·Wife – 810

So, if you look closely, I’m apparently “off the chart” on the Experian one…

It’s probably a typo — the paperwork sent to us to sign was littered with them — but, either way, we’re perfectly happy with those scores.

Who wouldn’t be?

The one thing that I did notice listed under my scores is something that I think may have actually hurt my score a tiny bit.

All three credit bureaus listed “No recent revolving balances” and/or “Lack of recently reported balances on revolving/open accounts” as key factors for me but not my wife.

What’s the big difference between me and my wife?

Well, she’ll carry a credit card balance from time-to-time. I haven’t for the past 2+ years but based on this, well, maybe I should.

Or not — I’m still happy with the scores.

I mean, it kind of reinforced what I said earlier — right now we’re quite possibly in the best financial position that we’ll ever be in. Let’s take advantage of it.

Here’s to hoping that it’s enough to make the re-fi happen without a hitch…


  1. doing a credit pull on your own file does not afceft your score. Filing apps for credit, or allowing others to do credit pulls to see if you can qualify’ usually does though To get around that, I usually pull my own credit, and then shop around for preapprovals that way Like if you are trying to buy a new car, pull your own credit FROM ALL 3 BUREAUS be sure to get scores from all 3. then print that out, and take that to the dealer with you. Get them to pre approve you based on that info, and wirte the deal contigient on being able to get financed, based on the scores you got. If your credit pull is more than seven days old they may squawk about it, it all depends on what your score is, what your deal looks like, how much you are offering down, and how badly they need to make the sale.. In the case of a mortgage, I’ve done this with credit pulls up to 30 days old just realize that if anything changes the deal make fgo south, and you may lose your deposit.

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