Previous Property Tax BillsYeah, sure, the personal property tax on my two cars went way down (un-expectedly far down) this year, but upon logging in to my Countrywide account this morning, I see that they’ve just paid the city $1912.09 on my behalf for the property taxes on my home.

That’s up nearly $269 from the last property tax payment back in January 2008. Ouch.

Now I can’t say that an increase was completely unexpected — back in April I posted an article from our local paper with this quote:

“Most homeowners will see a property tax hike of at least $150 this year if the proposed budget eyed by the city’s Board of Finance is approved.”

With my personal property taxes (on the cars) dropping so much, I assumed that this tax increase (the budget was approved) would take effect in 2009. Evidently, I was mistaken. I hope, anyway…

So now I’m not sure whether to pat myself on the back because this proves that my house is more awesome than everyone else’s in town or if I should be irate that my taxes went up so much more than $150…

(In reality, my house is smack dab in the middle when it comes to awesomeness in the city.)

Sadly, though, this large of an increase will effectively wipe out half of the savings I’d receive if I ever manage to settle my PMI issue with Countrywide

Too bad I didn’t realize how great I had it back in 2003…


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