The sun isn’t so big…On Friday, I talked about perception and how different people see and interpret things *very* differently.

Yesterday, I went on and on (and on) about the headache Countrywide is giving me over the cancellation of Private Mortgage Insurance.

Putting things in perspective, or just perceiving my own problems from a different perspective, if the $85/month I’m being charged for PMI is the biggest financial burden I have going right now, I can’t really complain about much…

It wasn’t that long ago that my minimum credit card payments were over $500. Finance charges alone were adding up to $250/month?!

This is a mere $85…

I think that the reason I’ve had such an issue with it is that it’s my only remaining expense for which I get nothing in return.

It truly is money out the window. Kinda like that storage unit I rented for over a year


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