Chasing my Tail: Countrywide’s (Late) Response

Chasing my Tail: Countrywide’s (Late) Response

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Chasing my tail…What is this, like the tenth time I’ve posted about Countrywide’s terrible customer service?

Sorry, here I go again…

So, tonight, moments ago actually, they responded to my inquiry from September 10th.

Back then, I asked two questions:

1. Does Countrywide acknowledge the Homeowners Protection Act in regards to the automatic cancellation of PMI?

2. At what point will the PMI on my account be automatically cancelled? I’d like a specific date please.

They responded tonight:

Posted 09/22/2008

Reply : Dear Brainy Smurf:

Once again, thank you for your recent Internet inquiry addressed to Customer Service.

Our initial research shows that we can best resolve this inquiry for you by speaking to you in person. To ensure that we fully resolve your concern, we ask that you contact the PMI Department directly at (800) 669-9092.

Thank you for communicating with us electronically; we appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

Brilliant! Almost word-for-word, the same response I received last month.

Remember what happened the last time they asked me to speak with them in person?

Yeah, they had no idea why I was calling even though I had a direct line and a name to speak to. Hmph!

They truly have me going in circles.

I’m really tempted to send them a 2-letter response.



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