Just out of reach…It’s funny how the closer you get to things, the harder they are to actually grab…

I can see the prize. I can really see it.

But it seems like I’ve been right near becoming debt free for, well, it feels like six months now… It has been six months.

Back in March, my credit card debt hit zero. I was, like, here we go — I’m on my way!!!

All I had was the auto loan.

That should have taken me maybe two months to eliminate and then it would be all about savings, savings, savings — but then I got sidetracked and concentrated on the mortgage…

Next thing I knew, it wasn’t until late September that the auto loan would finally be paid off.

That took a lot longer than I’d expected.

I should be debt free now, right?

Well, no.

Again, I find myself carrying a little credit card debt — also due to my mortgage tangent.

At the start of this month, the balance was just $824.

No problem, right?

Well, then my season ticket purchase hit my daily expenses credit card… Boom — now we’re talking about a total balance of over $1300.

Throw in a few gas fill-ups and some monthly business expenses on the business card and, already, just two days into October, my credit card debt has ballooned to over $1500.

Then, next week, we’re taking a short vacation. While much of it is paid for already, I’m sure there will be at least another $500 or so in credit card charges…

And just like that, I’m in essentially the same place I was two months ago.

Treading water in the pool just out of distance from reaching the ladder to get out…

What makes the whole thing funny is that when I was still 5-figures in the hole and I’d splurge on a few hockey jerseys that would set me back a few hundred dollars, but it wasn’t really a big deal…

A $300 move in the wrong direction was so small in the grand scheme, it was such a tiny percentage after all, but now, well, a $300 swing into the red is devastating…

Weird how my perspective on things has changed…


  1. I know exactly what you mean. There are times where I feel that I’m making huge strides in the right direction financially, and it shows on paper; however, other times, it’s just the opposite!

    Love the picture! đŸ™‚

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