Net Worth Update: December 2008 (-$5830)

Net Worth Update: December 2008 (-$5830)

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December 2008 Net WorthOn the bright side, my net worth didn’t drop 5-figures like it did last month!

On the really bright side, I can now claim to be 100% debt free — with the mortgage as an exception.

We’ll see how long that lasts though…

But on the other hand, my net worth is continuing to fall — just like everyone else.

It’s not bothering me (yes, still!) because all of the sizeable losses are coming from my 401k and my home value.

Neither affects my day-to-day finances one bit.

Ignoring those two rows, I’m cruising along at a pretty nice clip…

Here’s the breakdown:

Nothing really worth mentioning here. It’s a bit lower than I’d like, but the new savings plan I have going is keeping it that way.

Wasn’t able to “save” as much as the previous month, but $1200 is nothing to sneeze at. I’m pretty content with this number and I expect it to increase next month.

Gov’t Bonds:
Up another three bucks!

It’s funny how it dropped another $3k, but I still feel like it made a recovery… Perhaps it’s because it was down $10k on November 20…

The value fell almost the exact same percentage as last month. At least it’s consistent!

Auto 1 & Auto 2:
Nothing to report. They’re both paid for so any “value” is nice.

Credit Cards:
Done. Gone. Again. My Black Friday expenses haven’t hit the cards yet, but I expect to have them paid in full before this coming month is even over. It’ll be like the transactions never existed.

Auto Loans:
Have I mentioned that I paid these off?

Other Loans:
Nothing to report.

This was the least movement I’ve had all year — by far. Partly due to the increase in my mortgage bill but now that it’s gone back down again, I hope to have this hover between -$500 and -$1000 each month.


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