First snowfall of the season.

This is what I woke up to this morning… That’s the view out of our back window.

According to my wife, I apparently, to my own benefit, slept through the snow plow driving by at 3:17 am. That’s not usually the case.

Now, you don’t think that I’m about to go out there and shovel my walk, do you? On a Sunday?


I mean, since becoming debt free we’ve started frequenting the opera.

Opera-goers do not shovel on Sunday.

And who could forget that we hire out the task of picking up our fallen leaves?

Obviously, we’re too “well-off”, now that we’re debt free, to shovel our own snow…

I kid.

Can you imagine actually being like that? I certainly can’t.

Now it’s not a lot of snow, maybe 3 inches, but it was our first accumulation of the season.

I was actually pretty excited to get out there and shovel — using my favorite shovel that was doomed to plaster duty just last month. I’ve missed that shovel — for snow NOT plaster.

Twenty minutes later, the walk and the driveway were clear.

As I said, it wasn’t a lot of snow, but I’m glad my first snow shoveling expedition of the season wasn’t one of those monster three hour projects at the crack of dawn before a long day at work.

That’s never the way to start a day.

Neither is being awoken by a passing snow plow at 3:17 am.

Thankfully, neither happened today.


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  1. LOL — thanks! Funny, in university, as an Engineer saddled with endless Physics, Chemistry, and Geology labs I used to poke fun at the artsy crowd…

    I suppose I can now join them. Reluctantly…

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