A Few Hours and $1650.37 Later…

A Few Hours and $1650.37 Later…

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Chomps the AlligatorToday’s shopping trip pretty much went as planned.

We didn’t get to bring anything home, except Chomps the Alligator, like we’d hoped but we picked out and paid for all of the furniture for the new person coming sometime in May 2009.

I just spent how much?

The crib was on sale. Real bargain at $299.99, huh?

I guess when you compare it to the two dresser type pieces coming in at a cool $519.99 each, the crib was a bargain.

The experience was a lot less stressful than regular furniture shopping. Though you could tell the staff were earning a commission, we weren’t “hunted” or “stalked” the entire time we were in the store.

In fact, I don’t think I even had to utter, “No thanks, we’re just looking…”

But… once the sale was imminent, the up-sell pitch was on…

Going in, I knew it would be a good idea to buy the “ADULT RAILS” that allow you to turn the crib into a full size bed. The salesperson didn’t have to work very hard to get us to jump on that.

It was the mattress that they got us on.

Included in the sale, we were “awarded” a free mattress.

Cool! Well, wait…

He took us over to show it to us and, well, let’s just say that it looked like a couple of pizza boxes stuffed in a white garbage bag. I wouldn’t want to sleep on it.

Next to it, though, was a stunning marketing display for a designer Staph Guard mattress. The display listed all of it’s high end features like… square corners. OMG!

No joke. That was a “feature”.

The crazy part is that in every book I’ve read, babies and square corners go together like drinking and driving. This is apparently not true when it comes to mattresses. I swear, I should write my own book…

We asked for a moment to discuss…

And then we had a pretend conversation, you know, like they do when you’re buying a car and the sales rep claims that they need to ask the manager if they can accept your offer…

Bruins are looking pretty good this year, huh?”

“Yes, I’d say that they’ve got a decent chance at the cup this season…”

Cutting to the chase, we’d been up-sold. Big time.

We were buying the more expensive “Staph Guard” mattress for the crib.


So, though it was “on sale”, the actual cost of the crib, plus the side rails, plus the mattress, and minus the mattress credit was $509.98.

Hmmm… not such a deal. I’m not sure the bed I sleep in cost that much.

And I’m all but positive that my mattress isn’t protecting me from a staph infection.

Seriously, how does that work?

Are we going to die with horrible sores all over our bodies?

Anyway, we charged the whole thing but thankfully I’ve got enough in savings now to cover it. Not sure I’ll go that route, but it’s good to know that it’s there if needed.

And, on the bright side, this gets the BIG expensive items out of the way early…


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