Listen to Elvis.After the big drop in the stock market earlier this week, all I heard about on the news was that “things” had fallen to their November lows again…

That struck me as a little odd.

Without even looking it up, I was pretty confident that my 401k balance was considerably higher than it was when everything tanked four months ago.

And it is!

My November “low” was $43,498.02. That was on November 21st.

Sure, I was upset that that was $21k less than it was just 8 weeks earlier, but I kept on contributing at my regular rate anyway.

Now I know that, in reality, I’ve technically been losing money on most of my contributions since then…but I’m a pretty simple guy — it’s the bottom line that matters most. That’s my balance.

Right now, my balance is $51,807.72.

Not even close to those November lows….

And why is that?

It’s because I never stopped contributing.


  1. I don’t trust any type of investment, and it’s probably because of my lack of understanding. But I feel that I can spend my money in other places, such as a business. This is something I understand, and can control. But not everyone is like me. good for you that you didn’t lose out on your 401k.

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