They didn’t quite finish today — just some clean-up and stump-grinding left — but the trees are down.

And look — we’ve got sun!

I’m not sure that this side of the house has ever seen the sun! We’re pretty excited about that…

Best of all, for the first time ever, a contractor has done work at our house and NOT wrecked one of our cars or another part of the house that they weren’t hired to work on.

A job well done — I’ll have no problem making that $2750 check out to these guys.

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PIAC Post Extension:

The video doesn’t really portray the full effect of having this cluster of trees taken out so here’s a before and after rollover of the first frame and the last frame:


0 1436

1 1419

1 1703


  1. Most of the neighbors figured that we were clearing the way for a pool…

    I told ’em, “Nope, just grass…” 😉

    It’s nice to be able to see the far end of the property out the window… I can’t wait until it’s nice and green too… I’m not sure if it’s too late in the season to even bother seeding…

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