Tomorrow is Duncan‘s first birthday. Yep, an entire year has gone by since that sweaty palm countdown finally ended.

Since he’s become pretty aware of things around him, like birds, bumble bees, and the neighborhood cats, we thought it’d be a good idea to take him to the zoo for his birthday.

Specifically, the Bronx Zoo.

So, while researching how much this excursion would set us back (since we’re a wee bit tight on cash right now), we noticed that the Bronx Zoo has a “pay-what-you-like” promotion on Wednesdays!

How about that? Perfect timing for a birthday!

Now, I’m not going to say that we’re going to walk in without paying a dime (I’m sure they guilt you into some sort of donation, you know, to save the rainforest or something) but it will certainly save us a few bucks.

Even better — the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny!


  1. Note to Self: Going to the zoo on the day they offer “free” admission is never a good idea…

    I have never encountered so many inconsiderate people all together in one place ever in my life.

    If all the fee for admission does is keep the riff-raff out, well, it’s totally worth it.

  2. I think Wednesday is considered the “free day” which means that all the NYC school groups visit that day. And nice & sunny in the spring in NYC on a free zoo day? eek

    You may want to utilize the first free Saturday (I think it is) offered for BOA customers if you have their card.

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