For some reason, perhaps my hoarding tendencies, I still feel like the longer that I own stock in a company (as the value increases) that, through the price increases, I continually own more and more of that company.

That’s wrong.

There is zero connection between the two.

If I bought one share of Tesla at $60 and now it’s worth $180, sure, I made $120 (on paper) but I still only own one share.

I need to start letting go. Buy low and sell high.

Both of my Elon Musk stocks have earned me over 100% as of right now. Even the dud that Facebook appeared to be at first is up over 50%.

I should SELL!

I’m not so greedy as to *expect* returns that high — I should take the money and run, errr, re-invest in something I think is undervalued…

Here goes nothin!


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  1. Hey Brainy!

    I’ve been feeling the same way. I sold 80% of our stock last month, and I couldn’t feel better. I feel like we’re at the top of a total stock market bubble, mostly as a result of the Fed buying assets at a disgusting rate for so long.

    The party is going to stop when either (a) the Fed stops printing money or (b) we finally feel the pain that an artificially built economy gives us from stimulus.

    So… not sure what to do now. Buy some gold? Load up on food storage? 😉

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